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E&M Coder Professional Edition

Error: "No Valid License"

This error occurs because E&M Coder cannot find a valid license on the installed system. This can happen if you try to install multiple times, or if you've upgraded and not yet registered.

To request a valid license (30-Day Trial or Permanent), click on the Register button and follow the on-screen steps. Once we've received your request, an appropriate license will be generated and emailed to you.

Error: "Path/File Access Error"

A 'Path/File' access error typically points to an installation with insufficient administrative rights.

Because we install or update several Microsoft database components, your user login must have full administrative rights to install E&M Coder.

If your computer is part of a HIPAA compliant or secured facility, tech services must perform the following procedure:

  • Provide user login with full admin rights
  • Install E&M Coder
  • Reset user login to standard user rights

  • No Report Dialog or Report Dialog is empty

    If your Report screen won't come up, or if the Report screen is empty, you might need to re-install the Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime module. Just click on the link below and follow the on-screen directions for Downloading the module:

    Microsoft Access 2007 Runtime

    Please Note: Installation of this module will NOT affect other versions of Microsoft Access currently installed on your system.

    If you need further help with your E&M Coder installation, call our Customer Support line at: 800.585.6337

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