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Quality Audit Tool
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E&M Coder Professional Edition

E&M Coder provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive reporting package, including a variety of audit and patient information reports. Individual reports are selected from the Report Manager with flexible parameters, and may be conveniently previewed on screen or sent to a printer.

Analysis of Consult Visits:

The Analysis of Consult Visits report provides a quick and accurate numerical overview of the E/M codes Billed, Documented, and the Potential Optimal Codes for all Consultation Visits in a given date range and for a specific Practice. As a companion report to our comprehensive Chart Review of E/M CPT Usage, this new Analysis Report provides a powerful tool for reviewing and improving current practice procedures.

Standard Version:

Analysis of Consult Visits

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association
Our sample reports are based on live data, all names have been changed to protect patient/doctor privacy.
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