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Quality Audit Tool
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E&M Coder Professional Edition

E&M Coder provides an easy-to-use and comprehensive reporting package, including a variety of audit and patient information reports. Individual reports are selected from the Report Manager with flexible parameters, and may be conveniently previewed on screen or sent to a printer.

Patient Encounter Form:

The Patient Encounter Form displays the elements used to calculate the Documented CPT and the levels for the Three Key Components of each patient encounter.

The Patient Encounter Form may now be requested in HIPAA Compliant format, providing the same patient encounter information without printing identifying patient data.

If Teaching Physician Guidelines are activated, the Documented CPT field will display "NoTPG" in the case of incomplete guideline compliance.

If no Chief Complaint exists for the reported visit, the tag "No CC" will now display in the header, allowing quick identification of visits with incomplete documentation.

HIPAA Compliant Version:

Patient Encounter Form-HIPAA Compliant

Standard Version:

Patient Encounter Form

CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association
Our sample reports are based on live data, all names have been changed to protect patient/doctor privacy.
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