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Quality Audit Tool
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E&M Coder Professional Edition

Built-in to our E&MCoder Professional software package, the QAudit tool is designed to allow maximum flexibility and customization by the professional Coder, and automatically tracks and saves quality audit information for each Patient Encounter. Quality control data can then be easily analyzed or presented using a variety of QAudit reports.

New EMCoder with QAudit! Our QAudit tool also comes with (6) new reports to help you track and present performance results. For a closer look at our new reports, click on the links below:

QAudit Chart Review
QAudit Quality Summary
QAudit Recommendations
QAudit Recommendations Full Description
QAudit Issues Recommendations
List of QAudit Codes
List of QAudit Items
List of QAudit Recommendations

QAudit comes pre-loaded with a comprehensive list of quality Items, Codes and Recommendations. In addition, the Coder is given total control and freedom to edit and/or add elements as needed. In general, there are (3) categories of QAudit Information:

QAudit Items to track the presence or absence of charting elements such as "Is legible", or "ABN completed".

QAudit Codes to track completeness of CPT and ICD-9 coding. For example, you can track whether the Billed CPT corresponds to the CPT on the Source document, and whether it was the Paid CPT.

QAudit Recommendations to quickly select and present your Recommendations based on your QAudit Quality review.

QAudit Information Screen

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