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Quality Audit Tool
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E&M Coder Professional Edition
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Take the guesswork out of coding! The truth is that if your practice typically "under codes", you might be losing thousands of dollars in reimbursements every year, while "over coding" can put your practice at risk. By using E&M Coder you'll know immediately what the proper coding level should be, without the guesswork!
2016 Evaluation and Management Codes
E&M Coder utilizes the most recent and up-to-date E/M Codes as documented in the American Medical Association Current Procedural Terminology: CPT 2016 Manual for Evaluation and Management.

Save ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes
Our new E&M Coder provides a separate tab to allow the entry of appropriate ICD-9 and ICD-10 Codes and Severity Levels for the patient visit, as well as an Auditor's E/M for audit and training purposes.

Billed Modifier
The Save screen now allows you to include a Billed Modifier with the rest of your Visit Information.

Expanded MDM Options
In addition to the Marshfield Clinic MDM approach, E&M Coder offers the option of calculating visit E/Ms using TrailBlazer (Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Colorado Medicare Administrative Contractor) with extended categories in the Medical Decision Making section. The MDM option is set at the Doctor level, and provides maximum flexibility in regards to current MDM trends.
De-Activation of Encounters and Doctors
E&M Coder now allows you to flag a Doctor or Encounter as Inactive, removing them temporarily from Search and Reporting functions.
Opthamology Codes Supported
Eye Codes are now available and supported by Save and Reporting functions.
Clinical Examples
From the Save dialog, you may now link to an online list of helpful CPT Clinical Examples as listed in the CPT AMA Manual.
E/M calculations based on Year of Visit
EMCoder now automatically provides calculations based on the year of the patient visit, providing the most accurate E/M codes and report data for both current and historical patient data records.
Notes Field for all Audit Screens
E&M Coder now provides a flexible Notes field on all audit screens, allowing for more detailed documentation of each level of the patient visit.
94/95 exam flag element as Limited/Extended/Complete
For those using 94/95 E/M Documentation Guidelines, E&M Coder now allows a more accurate designation of exam elements as Limited, Extended or Complete, ensuring precise coding and compliance.
Export to Excel and E/M Overview reports
In response to user requests, E&MCoder now provides the ability to export Patient Visit and Chart Review data directly to an Excel spreadsheet. Our latest package also offers extended color coding for greater impact and ease of analysis, as well as new E/M Overview Reports for coding trends and practices.
Trend Graphs by Physician
Trend Graphs comparing current E/M activity with National Averages may now be requested by Physician, allowing for a more accurate statistical comparison.

Loaded with great features designed to make your job easier, E&M Coder also offers the following:

We are pleased to include QAuditTM, a valuable addition to E&M Coder's comprehensive coding package. Simple-to-use and flexible, this quality control tool is fully customizable and allows the Auditor to track, review and report on a wide variety of quality control items. In addition, the Coder has the ability to select customized Recommendations based on chart quality analysis, providing a useful means of presenting and correcting quality control issues. For more details, click on QAudit Quality Control
Chart Review - Statistical Analysis
This set of reports focuses on Office, Inpatient, Emergency Department, and Consult Visits by providing the Coder with a quick and accurate numerical analysis of the E/M codes Billed, Documented, and the Potential Optimal Codes for each area. As a companion report to our comprehensive Chart Review, this new Analysis Report provides a powerful tool for reviewing and improving current practice procedures.
HIPAA Compliant Reporting
In an effort to assist health care organizations in achieving HIPAA compliance and patient privacy, E&M Coder provides the option to print confidential, HIPAA compliant reports. A simple checkbox on the Report request screen allows the auditor to temporarily supress all patient identifying information, producing a report that complies with HIPAA privacy guidelines.
Teaching Physician Guidelines
E&M Coder provides the ability to calculate E/M Codes based on current Teaching Physician E/M Guidelines. The software incorporates the Teaching Physician E/M Guidelines, allowing any facility or practice to be identified as a Teaching Facility. Each patient visit recorded for a defined Teaching Facility may then include the activities of a selected Resident, and CPT codes will be calculated based on compliance with Teaching Physician Guidelines.
Trend Graphs by Specialty
Bell-curve Trend Graphs comparing current E/M activity with National Averages may be requested by Specialty, allowing for a more accurate statistical comparison. E&M Coder makes it even easier to find out how your practice's coding patterns compare to national trends!
Chart Review Audit Report - No Chief Complaint
An additional Audit Report has been included in E&M Coder, allowing the auditor to quickly identify and highlight visits that are missing a Chief Complaint. The new report follows the current Chart Review format, with the exception that the tag "No CC" is displayed in the Documented Code field if the Chief Complaint is missing.
CPT is a registered trademark of the American Medical Association

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